Early Warning Signs

Space Station Sixty-Five

Space Station Sixty-Five

Building One
373 Kennington Road
SE11 4PS

This sign was adopted by Rachael House at Space Station Sixty-Five to be displayed outside their new building in Camberwell for the whole of 2013. At the end of the year, it continued on its journey south to Portsmouth to take up residence outside Aspex in 2014.

End of Year Report

By Rachel Watts, Gallery Assistant, Space Station Sixty-Five

Space Station Sixty-Five (SS65) were the proud hosts of the Early Warning Signs (EWS) blue on white Climate Change roto sign for 2013.

During exhibitions the sign took up occupancy in our courtyard space, welcoming visitors in from the street and into the gallery. Ritually announcing the gallery's opening hours, EWS acted as a 'come on in' sign.

Alongside EWS our courtyard had three signs by Kit Poulson, an artist invited to make information boards as part of the gallery's homage to the Omega Workshops. All signage welcomed visitors and workers alike as the site is home to designer studios and offices as well as the gallery.

The courtyard at SS65 has been home to art installations, parties, openings and summer picnics over the year. Having Ellie's EWS has made the space an inviting and enjoyable place to be, and a place of coversation and reflection. Having EWS at Kennington Road affirmed that SS65 has a courtyard, not a carpark.

The sign was at its best in blustery weather when its kinetic element well demonstrated the slogan. This is when most comments were made and questions asked about what the sign was about.

SS65 made an information handout for curious visitors and invigilators were familiar with the Project Manual. The gallery was lucky enough to have exhibited some of Ellie's work before, adding context to the project. Back in 2009 as part of The Peckham Experiment, Ellie exhibited Vending Machine. The machine was wired up to BBC newsfeeds and vended free snacks every time the recession was mentioned. Ellie's books were offered for further reading in our bookshop too.

The sign will be much missed as part of our landscape at 373 Kennington Road, but we look forward to hearing of its progress and impact at its next destination, Aspex and its continuing journey.

A selection of responses to EWS:

• You have Ellie's sign! I worked with her on a new project; Power for the People, she's really great!

• Oooh, is it going to take off?

• If the sign wasn't restricted by the security chain and could be anchored to the floor in some way it would improve location and visibility.

• It kept catching my eye.

• The sign makes it point with wit and clarity.

• I like it best when it spins really fast but it does make me feel guilty about my electric heater!

• I am aware of Global Warming but it hasn't changed my opinion or added anything to the argument for me.