Early Warning Signs



The Vulcan Building
Gunwharf Quays

The blue on white sign was adopted by Joanne Bushnell, Director of Aspex to be displayed outside their building at Gunwharf Quays for the whole of 2014. At the end of the year this sign made its first trip to Scotland to take up residence outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) for Glasgow's Green Year 2015.

End of Year Report

By Clive Caswell, Curator, Aspex Gallery

Aspex was delighted to host the blue and white Climate Change sign throughout 2014. As soon as the sign had been passed onto us from Space Station Sixty-Five it took up residence outside our main entrance.

I was initially uncertain and a little concerned about the response the sign would generate from our neighbours as we have received complaints in the past for placing far more discreet things in our windows. Thankfully we did not receive any negative feedback.

As Aspex is located very close to the sea, the wind can often be rather blustery to say the least. The sign was in its element, often spinning, at breath-taking and potentially dismembering speeds. The 'speed-limiting bolt' was adjusted often. The sign has had to work hard in Portsmouth over the past twelve months and endure some salty and fairly bracing weather conditions.

The sign provided a thought provoking and eye-catching addition for those approaching the gallery and its time with us was over in a flash.

Visitor Comments

• Very good. Amusing and clever.

• What a wonderful idea. I'll keep an eye on the website to see where it goes next.

• It's spinning too fast, what does it say?

• I know Ellie's work, she makes some particularly thought provoking and interesting work.